XL Construction signs agreement with cloud-based BIM collaboration software, Revizto  

XL Construction signs agreement with cloud-based BIM collaboration software, Revizto  

The fourth largest General Contractor in Silicon Valley, XL Construction, signs a three-year enterprise agreement with Revizto to facilitate cross-team collaboration on their complex construction projects. 

Revizto, the cloud-based Integrated Collaboration Platform that streamlines and centralises project workflows and communication, entered a new three-year enterprise agreement with XL Construction, a purpose-driven Northern California-based organisation focused on building to improve lives. 

XL Construction uses Revizto to make note of and communicate important items that need to be addressed on their project by templating their issue creation, overlaying a 2D drawing and providing the most context possible to solve issues. 

XL Construction believes that the landscape of constant change we live in can only be navigated with the right tools and a commitment to teamwork and collaboration. This means embracing transformative technologies without losing sight of humanity. 

The company began piloting the Revizto platform to enhance cross-team collaboration among all disciplines. After a 10-month pilot and receiving immense positive feedback from the field teams, the company chose to expand its partnership. 

“You cannot coordinate in a vacuum if you expect a project to be successful,” said Trevor Johnston, Director of Construction Technology for XL Construction. “As we continue to take on larger, more complex work, we have been seeking technology solutions that support more effective collaboration with all stakeholders. Revizto rose to the top as the solution that best enables us to facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration with all project participants; makes coordination more efficient; brings in real-world conditions through reality capture tools; and, most importantly, is easy to access from anywhere. Having Revizto as our enterprise solution for model coordination and visualisation will enable our project teams to be exponentially more collaborative and productive.” 

XL is committed to delivering a high-quality end product with a collaborative construction process. The planning, collaboration, communication and execution for each of their projects are focused on the success of the entire team. XL’s enterprise agreement with Revizto will enable their teams to invite unlimited cross-functional users into any project to ensure collaboration and communication are streamlined and centralised in one user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device. 

Greg Keller, Director of North America for Revizto added: “We knew right from our very first meeting with XL Construction that this was going to be a special team to work with. It would be an understatement to say that our two visions of what construction technology adoption should look like are mutually aligned. Put simply, the folks at XL just get what it takes to be successful. The fact that they knew after just 10 months that Revizto was the platform for them, and then to have the courage to make such a monumental shift in their process at such an early stage, tells you everything you need to know about them as a company.” 

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