Huawei’s new foundation upgrades aviation and rail industries 

Huawei’s new foundation upgrades aviation and rail industries 

In parallel with HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei’s Aviation & Rail BU held three global summits specifically oriented to the BU’s niche. 

Huawei teamed up with Huitie Technology to develop the Smart Railway TFDS Solution, which uses the Pangu Railway Model with three billion parameters. The solution covers all TFDS scenarios and effectively identifies over 430 types of faults on 67 vehicle models with a comprehensive fault identification rate exceeding 99.3%. It ensures near-zero missed inspections for critical faults and triples operational efficiency. 

Using an upgraded digital and intelligent foundation, Huawei dives deep into a wide variety of industry scenarios and expedites the intelligent development of aviation and rail through multi-dimensional awareness, ubiquitous connectivity and open platforms. 

China West Airport Group (CWAG) chose Huawei to jointly develop a comprehensive intelligent transformation strategy. 

For airport operations, digital and intelligent ground handling solutions forecast the real-time status of flights, passengers and resources, as well as promptly generating warnings. They also intelligently dispatch ground handlers as needed. The solutions increase ground support efficiency by 20% and shorten the time support takes by 17%. In addition, smart airport operation solutions have introduced the optimal flight plan result model to achieve the best supply-demand matching and AI-assisted operation command. 

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