National Energy Foundation’s telephony transformation  

National Energy Foundation’s telephony transformation  

Camille Ruddle, Business Support Manager at the National Energy Foundation (NEF), provides valuable insights into the strategic partnership between the NEF and SaaSCom. This collaboration not only fosters healthier communities but also demonstrates a professional approach to adapting to the demands of remote work. Join us as we explore how NEF’s commitment to progress and efficient solutions is making a tangible impact on society. 

Camille Ruddle, Business Support Manager at the National Energy Foundation (NEF)

Established in 1988, the NEF stands as an independent charity, championing the advancement of energy utilisation in buildings. NEF’s core mission is to combat fuel poverty, curtail household carbon emissions and foster the well-being of communities. 

Complementing the NEF’s vision, SaaSCom steps in, offering businesses essential software services tailored for the modern work-from-anywhere landscape. Their expertise spans UCaaS, CCaaS, SDWAN, MDR Security and hosting services. 

The synergy between the NEF and SaaSCom came to the forefront during a pivotal challenge. The NEF’s shift to remote work necessitated a transformation in their telephony system, which was flawlessly executed by SaaSCom, specifically adopting GoTo Connect. 

This transition was underpinned by the technology’s user-friendliness and structured implementation. The results are impressive, with the NEF expanding its workforce and optimising its helpline support through GoTo Contact Centre, further reinforcing the NEF’s commitment to progress and community well-being. 

The challenge 

Up until 2020, the NEF was entirely office-based and used a conventional desktop phone system. When all staff had to switch to remote working during the pandemic, it became apparent that a new telephone system was needed to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of its services. 

Ruddle said: “The NEF was tasked with finding a cloud-based Voll telephony solution to enable us to deliver our services with a remote workforce. I investigated possible solutions and had online meetings with four providers.” 

 The solution 

 The cost of all four systems was comparable, but the NEF chose GoTo Connect for its user-friendliness and well-structured implementation process. 

“GoTo Connect was introduced by technology consultant SaaSCom and I was immediately impressed by its simplicity. SaasCom did a great job of helping me understand the system, its capabilities and how it would work for the NEF. That gave me the confidence I was making the right choice,” Ruddle added. 

The NEF bought GoTo Connect licences for its staff working remotely. The switch to the new system was managed expertly by SaaSCom and the GoTo technical team and the NEF staff were quickly able to start using it. Subsequently, the cost of living and fuel crises meant that demand for NET services grew rapidly, particularly for its free Better Housing Better Health helpline, which supports people in fuel poverty. The NEF almost tripled its workforce and brought on board new funders to resource the helpline. 

Ruddle added: “Providing a higher level of helpline support meant we needed to improve our analytics to report back to our funders while ensuring we delivered a high-quality experience for callers. The solution came in the form of GoTo Contact Centre.” 

 GoTo Contact Centre provides enhanced inbound and outbound call management, call routing, performance analysis and contact centre administration capabilities. 

The results 

Ruddle said: “Ease-of-use was the biggest benefit for us. Switching to a completely new telephone system for a remote workforce could have been problematic. But using GoT Connect made it very straightforward.” 

 With GoTo Connect, the NEF staff simply download the app onto any device and can immediately make and receive calls. It empowers staff to work from anywhere while enabling the NEF to recruit from a wider talent pool, with no geographical restrictions. 

“GoTo Connect helps us maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of our services ensuring we can have the greatest impact in helping improve the warmth and well-being of people facing fuel poverty,” Ruddle added. 

 The charity’s helpline staff valve the extra functionality provided by GoTo Contact Centre, particularly the agent dashboard that allows them to view call queues and see how they are performing. The helpline team now handles up to 3,000 calls a month at the busiest times of year and GoTo Contact Centre plays a key role in ensuring the service is professional, efficient and reliable. 

To conclude, the NEF’s transition to GoTo Connect, facilitated by SaaSCom, marks a pivotal moment in its mission. This transition equips them with a robust, user-friendly telephony system, empowering remote work and expanding their impact in alleviating fuel poverty. The integration of GoTo Contact Centre further enhances their ability to deliver professional, efficient and reliable services, reaffirming their commitment to progress and well-being. 

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