Deloitte and Google Public Sector’s Gen AI-powered alliance for public sector innovation in geospatial planning 

Deloitte and Google Public Sector’s Gen AI-powered alliance for public sector innovation in geospatial planning 

Deloitte and Google Public Sector has announced a major expansion of their strategic alliance to accelerate innovation and harness new technologies like generative AI (gen AI) to help government and higher education clients solve complex problems. With deep experience at the federal, state and local levels, Deloitte and Google Public Sector will launch a portfolio of new solutions that combine Google Cloud’s leading AI/ML, gen AI and data analytics capabilities with Deloitte’s deep mission experience and engineering capabilities to enhance constituent engagement, improve geospatial planning and drive better mission insights. 

Through the expanded alliance, Deloitte will quadruple its Google Public Sector resources to better help public sector organisations adopt and scale vital transformation programmes that achieve their mission-driven objectives. The organisations’ initial focus will be on three critical areas primed for modernisation: 

• Enhance constituent engagement: Deloitte will bolster its innovative and empathetic Human Centred Design capabilities with Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions, including Vertex AI, Document AI, and conversational AI, to help public sector organisations evolve services to better engage with their constituencies, build trust and foster stronger community relationships. For example, applying conversational AI to state eligibility systems can help residents quickly check the status of their application and access other important information and resources. 

• Geospatial scenario planning and monitoring: Deloitte will build new geospatial planning solutions that combine Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud’s gen AI technology to improve operational resilience and help organisations proactively anticipate and plan for myriad challenges, such as urban planning, disaster response, and infrastructure development. Deloitte is one of the only global systems integrators in North America that is part of the Google Earth Engine Partner Initiative, with the skill set to utilise more than 1,000 earth observation datasets to enable more informed decision-making and sustainable planning capabilities, such as applying gen AI to sandbox and test community readiness for rising sea levels. 

• Advanced data analytics to drive mission insights: Deloitte will apply Vertex AI and BigQuery to offer new solutions that enable advanced analytics capabilities. Utilising enhanced data analytics and safe, responsible AI can help clients effectively identify valuable trends and insights, optimise operations and enhance the delivery of services. 

“Google Public Sector has accelerated its work towards helping government and education customers transform with technologies that are easy to adopt, scale quickly and enable organisations to achieve their missions,” said Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector. “Our expanded alliance with Deloitte will significantly grow the tools and resources available to public sector clients, including new and innovative solutions that demonstrate the potential of gen AI and the services needed to successfully adopt them.” 

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