Only three in 10 Brits know how to make their home net zero ready 

Only three in 10 Brits know how to make their home net zero ready 

New research from Lloyds Banking Group, released during Energy Saving Week, highlights the confidence and skills gaps among Brits in their efforts to make their homes net zero ready. Despite 50% of people acknowledging the importance of homes being net zero ready by 2035, a significant barrier is the lack of belief in their ability to make energy efficiency improvements. 

Only 30% of homeowners feel confident in knowing what steps to take for their homes to be net zero ready by 2035. Additionally, 27% admit they can’t identify the necessary improvements for a greener home. Energy bills and usage are major concerns, yet only 33% of homeowners have taken steps to improve energy efficiency in the last five years. 

Among those who have made improvements, 96% are satisfied with the results, 81% would recommend the work, and 64% report lower running costs. However, 21% express a need for advice and support before embarking on retrofitting. 

Notably, 24% highlight the importance of access to skilled tradespeople. The UK faces a green-skills shortage, including shortfalls of 200,000 installation workers and 100,000 heat-pump installers, posing a threat to achieving net zero homes. 

To address this issue, Lloyds Banking Group has partnered with Regeneration Brainery, a not-for-profit academy offering young people opportunities to enter the property and regeneration industry. The partnership includes mentoring, work experience, career talks, bootcamps, and taster sessions to provide practical experience and combat the lack of skilled workers in the journey towards net zero homes. 

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