New Launch Control app features enhance the US land-buying process  

New Launch Control app features enhance the US land-buying process  

Launch Control has announced a series of app features designed to change how land investors connect with prospective sellers. These enhancements, which include Quick Replies and Drip Automation, bring greater precision and efficiency to the land-buying process. 

Enhanced targeting with custom fields for land prospecting 
Launch Control’s latest features include specialised custom fields for land buying. This addition enables land investors to focus on specific land-related properties with greater accuracy. Key updates include: 

  • New custom fields: Targeted toward land investors, enabling refined segmentation and campaign strategies. 
  • New merge fields: Incorporating APN (Assessor Parcel Number), Property County and Acreage, providing a deeper understanding and categorisation of land parcels. 

Streamlined processes and time zone consideration 
Acknowledging the importance of more efficient workflows for faster deal closures, Launch Control has enhanced its application to include: 

  • Mapping landowner fields: Users now have the option to map or skip trace import fields, ensuring a more tailored and efficient import process. 
  • Improved report filtering: An enhanced dashboard allows users to select custom date ranges, improving data accessibility and analysis. 
  • Time zone Integration: All reminders and statistics now align with the user’s time sone, simplifying lead follow-up processes and eliminating confusion. 

“Launch Control has completely transformed how we operate as land investors, and we are so excited about their changes that are helping us even more,” said Callan Faulkner of Solterra Properties. “As a coach for fellow land investors, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of their recent platform updates. Features like APN and county name integration have made a world of difference, helping us generate close to three million dollars in profit. I’m beyond excited for what the future holds as Launch Control continues to enhance its platform for land investors.” 

Template personalisation: A key to success in land investment 
Template personalisation, a mainstay feature of Launch Control, plays a pivotal role in enhancing outcomes for land investors. This feature allows for tailored messaging, ensuring a personal connection with each recipient and significantly boosting engagement. To further enhance this tool, land investors joining Launch Control will receive a comprehensive suite of lead conversion content, enabling multi-stage lead follow-up, including Quick Replies and Drip Automation — a unique feature of Launch Control. The Customer Success team at Launch Control is readily available to assist users in refining their templates and sharing effective text marketing strategies. This commitment to personalisation and expert support is instrumental in fostering strong prospect relationships and achieving impactful results in the land investment sector. 

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