Mergers to materials: Four companies working towards advanced fire safety 

Mergers to materials: Four companies working towards advanced fire safety 

From concrete solutions, programmes, company mergers and more. Discover four companies around the world, working towards the advancements shaping the Fire Stopping Materials industry, ensuring heightened safety standards in construction and beyond. 

The tremendous revival of the construction sector, especially after the pandemic has pushed the demand for efficient fire-stopping materials to ensure enhanced safety in new constructions and renovations. Fire-stopping materials, such as sealants, mortars, coatings, etc., have become increasingly vital in meeting stringent safety standards and regulations in the construction industry. 

Future Market Insights predicts that the Fire Stopping Material Market is estimated to be around US$ 2.1 billion in 2024. It is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 12.2% over the forecast period, with an estimated market size of US$ 6.5 billion by 2034. 


UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, introduces the UL Solutions Technical Evaluation Developer Programme, aiming to assist manufacturers of fire-stopping products in enhancing recommendations for customers and instilling confidence in their services. 

Manufacturers in the fire-stopping industry often provide technical evaluations or engineering judgments to guide construction professionals and code authorities in selecting fire-stopping products and systems for specific sites. The new programme offers professional training, personnel examinations, quality management audits and periodic laboratory testing to equip manufacturers with expertise in developing effective technical evaluations. 

Karine Johnfroe, VP and GM of the Built Environment group at UL Solutions emphasised the importance of this programme in meeting the training and quality needs of firestop manufacturers. The programme supports innovation in fire-stopping product designs and systems, addressing the critical role of manufacturers and engineers in providing safety recommendations tailored to specific needs. 

In the firestop industry, engineering judgments are crucial when a site deviates from tested and certified designs. UL Solutions’ programme focuses on effective quality management systems and knowledgeable firestop engineers to enhance confidence in recommendations among code authorities and quality professionals. 

UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, transforms challenges into opportunities for customers in over 100 countries, providing testing, inspection, certification services and advisory offerings. Their commitment to safety is reflected in the UL Certification Marks, recognised symbols of trust. The Technical Evaluation Developer Programme reinforces UL Solutions’ mission to support innovation and safety in the industry. 


The Aithon A90H emerges as a groundbreaking fire protection solution designed specifically for concrete structures, addressing the inherent vulnerability of concrete to fire. This high-performance, intumescent coating acts as a shield, expanding under extreme heat to form an insulating layer that preserves the structural integrity of concrete for up to 120 minutes, allowing crucial time for evacuation and firefighting. 

Key benefits of the Aithon A90H include its versatility in application on various concrete surfaces, including precast and cast-in-place structures. It maintains the natural appearance of the concrete, offering aesthetic flexibility that can be further enhanced with top-coating. The ease of application using a brush, roller, or spray makes it practical for both new constructions and retrofitting existing structures. 

Crucially, the Aithon A90H complies with international fire resistance standards, ensuring regulatory adherence and reinforcing the safety of structures. Its significance lies in providing architects, builders and property owners with a robust tool to fortify their structures against fire risks. Incorporating the Aithon A90H into fire safety strategies enhances the longevity and safety of concrete buildings, offering a practical and effective solution to protect both properties and lives. 

MALAYSIA: Global Infrastructure Solutions  

Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc. (GISI) announced the strategic mergers of T&T Konsult (T&T) and SHEVS IFT Consultants (SHEVS), significantly expanding its global presence with a focus on fire engineering expertise. 

T&T Konsult, a prominent infrastructure engineering consulting firm in Malaysia, is set to rebrand as Asia Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) post-merger. This strategic move aims to enhance GISI’s influence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with a specific emphasis on fire safety engineering. AIS, now an operating company under GISI, is a leader in delivering sustainable fire engineering solutions across Asia. 

Dato’ Ir. Steven Yong and Ir. Faisol Hussain, Principals of T&T, express excitement about the merger, stating: “Our merger marks a significant step towards harnessing our collective strengths, enabling us to take on more complex and innovative fire engineering projects in Malaysia and regionally, positioning us at the forefront of this growth.” 

NORTHERN IRELAND: The Department for Communities  

The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland has initiated significant efforts to enhance fire safety in high-rise and residential buildings. Following the Grenfell tragedy, the department has undertaken the implementation of the Department of Finance Expert Panel report titled ‘Improving Safety in High Rise Residential Buildings in Northern Ireland.’ 

A crucial aspect of this initiative is the establishment of the Residential Building Safety Team, which will focus on developing a new legislative framework. This approach aligns with an extensive outreach programme set to commence later this month. The team’s objective is to address building safety issues, particularly those related to fire safety stemming from building design, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance. 

Derek Kennedy, Head of the Residential Building Safety Team, emphasised the importance of resident involvement: “People are at the heart of what we do in the Department, so we’re particularly keen to involve residents at the earliest opportunity. Their input is essential as this policy evolves and is a key part of the development of a legislative framework.” 

Residents of high-rise buildings are encouraged to register and participate in information sessions, ensuring their perspectives contribute to shaping policies. Stakeholder engagement and consultation will play a central role, providing insight and enhancing public understanding as the initiative progresses. This proactive approach reflects the Department for Communities’ commitment to prioritising the safety and well-being of the community. 

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