Z-COM unveils 5G smart transportation solution at 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo in Taipei   

Z-COM unveils 5G smart transportation solution at 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo in Taipei   

Z-COM, a leading innovator in telecommunications, exhibited its innovative 5G smart transportation solutions at the 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo in Taipei. The showcase highlighted the ‘5G-driven Intelligent Transportation Technology and Service Innovation and Industry Development Programme’, sponsored by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC), with a focus on the ‘Danhai Light Rail’ project. 

To accelerate the Digital Transformation in transportation, MOTC initiated a five-year plan in 2021, investing over NT$300 million to propel various ITC companies in the development of 5G smart transportation and innovative applications. In alignment with the government’s initiative, Z-COM collaborated with partners in 2023, leveraging advanced communication to enhance the service efficiency of the Danhai Light Rail operated by the New Taipei Metro Corporation. 

Key highlights of Z-COM’s project include: 

  1. Heterogeneous network integration: Leveraging the ultra-low latency and high-speed capabilities of 5G integrated with WiFi 6 technology, Z-COM’s solution significantly improves transmission efficiency for the Danhai Light Rail, resulting in an enhanced average train speed. 
  1. AI/ML analysis of Big Data: The project seamlessly integrates various IoT devices and sensors, utilising Z-COM’s AI/ML technology to monitor the temperature of pantographs and cables on trains, as well as traffic signals and foreign object detection at intersections. This real-time information benefits train drivers and control centres, leading to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance system security. 
  1. Bidirectional cybersecurity protection: Z-COM integrates AI-generated cybersecurity firewalls in both the gateway and zMEC at edge, automatically learning the network behaviour of zMEC containers to establish a robust security protection mechanism. 

Project highlights: 

  • Ultra-low latency, super-high network speed: Harnessing the characteristics of high bandwidth and low latency of 5G NR and WiFi 6, the project integrates wireless and wired network nodes, providing intelligent management to increase transmission efficiency. 
  • Visualised display of recommended speeds: Utilising a visual approach to suggest speeds to the train driver, aiding the effective management for the control centre. 
  • Bidirectional security anomaly visualisation: Establishing a bidirectional security anomaly visualisation system improves the security schemes. 

Z-COM’s project is poised to become a paradigm for the successful integration of light rail traffic and urban traffic control, offering a model for other cities to enhance operational efficiency while prioritising safety, reducing travel time, and elevating the quality of services for increased passenger satisfaction. 

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