The impact of the BIM mandate in Dubai 

The impact of the BIM mandate in Dubai 

As BIM (Building Information Modelling) becomes mandatory in Dubai for certain buildings, BSI is highlighting the benefits of adopting Building Information Management (BIM) using internationally recognised best practices, such as the ISO 19650 standard, and broader digital strategies to improve safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. 

With steady growth expected in the UAE construction industry in the future, Rahul Shah, BSI’s Global Director of Built Environment, delivered a speech at UAE Chapter Annual Gathering 2024 held at the Dubai Municipality HQ, in which he discussed the business value of good Information Management (BIM) to be realised as organisations integrate Information Management (BIM) and other digital strategies into their practices in order to accelerate progress towards a better future. 

In the construction industry, Shah highlighted that BIM can have a positive impact on the environment as well as providing cost reductions and profit enhancements. Organisations around the world have reported significant improvements in productivity, cost and waste reductions and time savings. 

BIM involves a collaborative way of working underpinned by set processes for procurement, management and exchange of information. This process spans the built asset’s entire lifecycle, from planning, design, and construction, through to operations and decommissioning. 

As of January 2024, Dubai Municipality has mandated BIM for building permit applications, demonstrating a dedication to adopting advanced technologies in the construction sector. This move is designed to enable stakeholders to address challenges proactively, ensuring the collection of high-quality data for Digital Twin and Smart Cities initiatives. Dubai Municipality’s measures highlight a strategic investment in enhancing construction standards and fostering innovation within the industry. 

Rahul Shah, Global Built Environment Development Director at BSI said: “Congratulations to Dubai Municipality for successfully activating the BIM mandate from January 2024. This is a significant step forward in driving digital transformation in Dubai. Built environment organisations in Dubai have an exciting opportunity to embrace the digital transformation that BIM can bring, in line with the decision by the Dubai Municipality.  

“The global digital landscape is changing. Adopting digital strategies such as BIM can help businesses improve safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability in the built environment, bringing benefits across society. BSI is proud to be a trusted partner, with a suite of standards, certifications and training to support the industry in this new era. We are here to assist the built environment sector to accelerate progress towards a fair society and a sustainable world.” 

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