ConectCar announces partnership with Eixo SP  

ConectCar announces partnership with Eixo SP  

Collaboration launches the largest 5G Wi-Fi network in Latin America. 

ConectCar customers will have exclusive access to the 5G Wi-Fi network on highways managed by Eixo SP. 

To take advantage of the benefit, drivers who travel on the highways frequently must already be users of the tag or purchase the ConectCar Complete Plan through the Conectados com a ConectCar offer, which will entitle them to a voucher for six hours of use.  

The mobility company invested in purchasing ten thousand vouchers to offer the experience to users, who can access the highway network by entering the coupon number when connecting.  

The project, carried out in partnership with the Government of São Paulo, represents the largest extension of this technology throughout Latin America, providing coverage of 1,200 km of high-speed connection, on 12 highways in the Center-West of São Paulo.  

This has total synergy with ConectCar’s DNA, which during the first 30 days will exclusively grant its customers access to the network for a period of six hours.  

They will be able to enjoy the benefit while traveling on the highways that permeate the regions of Campinas, São Carlos, Bauru, Marília and Presidente Prudente.  

The signal is emitted by 1,964 Wi-Fi network transmission points, interconnected by a fiber optic network installed throughout the concession section, which crosses 62 cities in the region. 

The initiative contributes to Eixo SP’s objective of guaranteeing connectivity to users throughout its entire length and, to make it viable, antennas with a Wi-Fi signal were installed every 600 meters on the highways, which will benefit the lives of drivers, whether individuals or legal entities, as, in addition to connectivity for location applications or streaming platforms, it aims at a future of intelligent vehicles that will be directly connected, making it possible, for example, to have better traffic management and transport monitoring and management of loads. 

“With all this investment and vision from Eixo SP, which is now a great partner of ours, we couldn’t be left out. That’s why we invested in purchasing vouchers to offer this experience to customers.  

“This joint project will bring even more well-being to our customers on the roads and represents an evolution for the mobility sector,” said ConectCar Business and Products Director, Newton Ferrer.  

“We are committed to promoting positive journeys for our users and having access to the Internet in routes will contribute to this purpose, in addition to reinforcing the importance of technological investment and our concern for meeting customer needs,” he said. 

To access 5G mobile Internet on Eixo SP highways, the traveler – be it a passenger on the move or a driver, with the vehicle safely stopped – will be able to establish the device connection intuitively. Simply enter the Axio SP network and follow the instructions provided to register and release the signal.  

Through this high-speed network, users can perform a range of activities, from video calls with the operations team to obtain information or support, to surfing the Internet and using streaming applications.  

The smartphone will be automatically connected when the driver passes the route – from the moment he/she registers. 

Eixo SP CEO Sergio Santillan said: “This is yet another advance in the Eixo SP connectivity project that reflects safety and quality for our users. It is a road designed for the future, where the growing demand for connectivity will be decisive for freight transport, traffic management and intelligent vehicles.” 

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