Mappable launches Neurogeocoder API to revolutionise mapping solutions for UAE businesses 

Mappable launches Neurogeocoder API to revolutionise mapping solutions for UAE businesses 

Mappable, a global company that brings powerful and highly customisable mapping solutions to the local markets, announces the launch of its new product — the Neurogeocoder API, which is now available to all clients in the UAE. 

The Neurogeocoder API, powered by Machine Learning and AI, is a game-changer in geospatial solutions, particularly in light of the projected 14.2% CAGR growth of the global digital map market by 2030. Unlike standard geocoders with fixed algorithms set by the development team, Neurogeocoder’s adaptive nature ensures precise results, even with unstructured location queries containing errors or typos. This advanced tool allows for the seamless display of user-entered addresses on maps and facilitates the transformation of map points into detailed street addresses, ensuring precise and reliable location results. By recognising local expressions for districts, towers and roads, the Neurogeocoder effectively links them to specific addresses or points, a feat beyond the capabilities of standard geocoders. 

The Neurogeocoder API is a powerful tool for various industries, including e-commerce, real estate, food-tech, ride-tech and logistics. It helps quickly translate large address volumes into coordinates and vice versa, as well as process intricate or locally specific location queries for different business scenarios.  

For real estate companies, the tool can accurately showcase property locations, helping potential buyers visualise the surroundings to make informed decisions when considering a purchase. For logistics services, the API optimises operations by providing accurate addresses to managers for better cost estimation of deliveries, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings for the business. 

“The UAE is rapidly progressing in the fields of technology, e-commerce and smart mobility and we’re excited to support businesses on this journey,” said Sabina Mirza-Akhmedova, Chief Executive Officer at Mappable.  

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