Radiflow partners with Exclusive Networks to elevate OT cybersecurity 

Radiflow partners with Exclusive Networks to elevate OT cybersecurity 

With Radiflow’s cybersecurity and risk management solutions for OT environments, Exclusive Networks Italia expands its range of technologies to protect companies’ production sites. 

Exclusive Networks, a global cybersecurity specialist for trusted digital infrastructure, has announced a new distribution agreement with Radiflow, a global leader in Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity and risk management solutions.  

Radiflow’s solutions are designed to defend critical networks in industrial and manufacturing settings. Its solutions protect more than 8,000 critical facilities worldwide.  

Digital Transformation is evolving at a rapid pace in the industrial sector, blurring the boundary between Information Technology (IT) and OT. The widespread use of IIoT devices and connected machinery poses an increasing risk of vulnerability to cyberattacks. This risk is further exacerbated by the need to maintain uninterrupted business operations, making it difficult and costly to upgrade or replace machinery with a long lifecycle world. For all these reasons, industrial cybersecurity is a challenging field. 

With a view to offer cybersecurity solutions designed specifically to solve OT security needs to system integrators and resellers, Exclusive Networks Italia has chosen to introduce Radiflow’s solutions for threat detection, centralised security and cyber-risk management in ICS/SCADA systems into its solutions catalogue. 

“Operational Technology (OT) represents a specialised sector that requires specific skills and solutions,” said Augusto D’Antinone, CEO, Exclusive Networks Italia. “Radiflow’s experts have consolidated experience in the OT world and our partnership agreement represents an added value for our customers, who can count on technologies and services of absolute level and already adopted by other realities of the industry in various parts of the world. This is another important piece to build cyber-resilience in the landscape of Italian manufacturing companies, which are increasingly targeted by cybercrime.” 

Mark De Simone, Sales and Business Development Senior Director, Italy, Radiflow, said: “OT security plays a crucial role in safeguarding the operational continuity of networks governing production facilities in diverse sectors including pharmaceutical, chemical, transportation, energy, oil and gas. In critical infrastructure scenarios, cyberattacks have the potential to cause severe damage, disrupt essential services and result in significant economic loss or even human lives.  

“Investment in OT security has become a much more present issue on the tables of corporate boards. Our solutions and Exclusive Networks’ expertise can help channel partners enable digital transformation in the industrial world safely without stopping productivity,” added De Simone. 

According to Luca Balzola, Technical Director, Exclusive Networks: “The partnership with Radiflow will empower our customers to navigate the escalating threat of cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector. Serious attacks affecting this sector are surging in Italy faster than in the rest of the world: the latest data from the Clusit Report 2024 show a 65% increase in 2023 compared to 2022, compared to 12% increase worldwide. This underscores the urgent need for manufacturing companies to assess their risk exposure and bolster their technological infrastructure.” 

Mario Esposito, Technical Leader of Italy, Radiflow, said: “With the digitisation of industrial environments, cybersecurity can no longer be considered as a purely IT issue. OT environments also need platforms that help monitor and protect machinery, infrastructure and connected devices. Radiflow’s offering, which consists of an OT visibility suite and a risk assessment platform, enables enterprises to protect production processes and their critical infrastructure.” 


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